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Industrial Paint

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1 Acrylic
2 - Thermal Painting 3 Fire Retardant

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 Thermal and Industrial coatings
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Commercial & Industrial
Paint Manufactures

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Need a     Commercial & Industrial 
Painting Company
Great western painting

Our Painting expertise have put us above
other commercial painting company’s. We understand the needs of commercial and industrial projects. In all areas of concern regarding your commercial and residential painting. You can  have complete confidence in our abilities to complete your project. We look forward to your exterior & interior commercial & industrial painting projects.


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For Acrylic Texture
 Hotels - Casinos -  Restaurants
Office buildings high traffic areas.
Where wall are bumped torn scraped,
 scratched and marred.
When product dries on the walls it's like having a iron film
to protect you investment.

Thermal Paint   To  the system. The perfect combination of durability and energy savings.

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Some of our other Painting Divisions of 
Great Western Painting

1 - Fire Retardant Painting
2 - Acrylic  Wall Texture
3 - Anti graffiti Painting
4 - Thermal Painting
5 - Immersion Coatings
6 - Industrial Paint Coating


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Protective coatings are high grade products that can provide decorative appeal but are primarily designed to protect the substrate from degradation either from environmental or chemical actions.
Both metals and non metals, such as concrete, brick, plastics, and timber deteriorate in natural environments.
Protective coatings are designed to seal off the substrate from these damaging reactions thus preventing corrosion.A correct, well planned choice of paint system for buildings & structures and its subsequent maintenance is decisive, in the long run, to its profitability. Painting must therefore be taken seriously.Corrosion is an insidious enemy. It costs industry enormous sums every year. Today's coatings will fight corrosion effectively.

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Fire Proof Paint

Paint To Protect
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Contegointer National Fire proof Paint / 
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National Fire proofing
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